Sunday, 8 April 2012

Ok - so, no posts in a looong time and I apologise for that. Now to the present day!

Sadly Mistress Chastity passed away :( It left Mistress Ailenor and all pets distraught and I greatly miss her... My thoughts will always be with Ailenor and all Mistress Chastity's friends and pets alike. She will be with us forever no matter where we are...
Avy has a new Mistress, an old Mistress of mine, Starbreeze Sonoda - she was always a great friend and Mistress to me so I know Avy is in good hands :)
I haven't seen or heard much of Atlantis or Magdalena in a long while - hope you are both ok as I know this update will find both your inboxes lol
I've had babies in SL, Alice with Mistresses Chastity and Ailenor and, Pauline with my ex-wife Maaike and Taressa with my present wife Vanessa whom I love dearly :)
I am also pregnant right now, the consequences of letting the first man I have met and talked to in a long whle get straight to me which is rather odd given my preferences sexually. So here I am, 8 weeks pregnant *sigh*. It will be loved and looked after just like my other babies :)

Now onto new pastures. I have had quite a few Mistresses since Mistress Chastity may she rest in peace :(
Starbreeze of course, Madame LouiseLatex Malick for a short time, and a few others who escape me right now - note to self - edit post when remembered :)
As of right now, I have just been collared and am now owned by Miss Jayne Viper and have become a member of her family. In the process gaining more Mistresses such as Miss Laura Viper, who seems to like playing with my doll key and RLV quite a lot! Methinks before long I will become a permanent display doll for her and be in my own little RLV dolly box :)
Miss Jayne likes to breed her family and I can't wait til she chooses me :) but right now she is busy fixing up the new castle she bought for us all and placed on her family land - it's huge!

So to cap it all, very happy right now and still loving every minute spent in SL with my darling wife Vanessa and my loving Mistresses Miss Jayne and Miss Laura.

I hope to update again for everyone once I have been for my third midwife appointment for the baby and hope to let everyone know of the new things I discover in SL - I have LOTS to share for anyone into pregnancy or unbirthing - if you don't know what unbirthing is, drop me a line and I'd love to explain it to you - maybe you can become my little experiment sometime :)

Ciao for now all - enjoy your second life as I do!

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