Sunday, 8 April 2012

Ok - so, no posts in a looong time and I apologise for that. Now to the present day!

Sadly Mistress Chastity passed away :( It left Mistress Ailenor and all pets distraught and I greatly miss her... My thoughts will always be with Ailenor and all Mistress Chastity's friends and pets alike. She will be with us forever no matter where we are...
Avy has a new Mistress, an old Mistress of mine, Starbreeze Sonoda - she was always a great friend and Mistress to me so I know Avy is in good hands :)
I haven't seen or heard much of Atlantis or Magdalena in a long while - hope you are both ok as I know this update will find both your inboxes lol
I've had babies in SL, Alice with Mistresses Chastity and Ailenor and, Pauline with my ex-wife Maaike and Taressa with my present wife Vanessa whom I love dearly :)
I am also pregnant right now, the consequences of letting the first man I have met and talked to in a long whle get straight to me which is rather odd given my preferences sexually. So here I am, 8 weeks pregnant *sigh*. It will be loved and looked after just like my other babies :)

Now onto new pastures. I have had quite a few Mistresses since Mistress Chastity may she rest in peace :(
Starbreeze of course, Madame LouiseLatex Malick for a short time, and a few others who escape me right now - note to self - edit post when remembered :)
As of right now, I have just been collared and am now owned by Miss Jayne Viper and have become a member of her family. In the process gaining more Mistresses such as Miss Laura Viper, who seems to like playing with my doll key and RLV quite a lot! Methinks before long I will become a permanent display doll for her and be in my own little RLV dolly box :)
Miss Jayne likes to breed her family and I can't wait til she chooses me :) but right now she is busy fixing up the new castle she bought for us all and placed on her family land - it's huge!

So to cap it all, very happy right now and still loving every minute spent in SL with my darling wife Vanessa and my loving Mistresses Miss Jayne and Miss Laura.

I hope to update again for everyone once I have been for my third midwife appointment for the baby and hope to let everyone know of the new things I discover in SL - I have LOTS to share for anyone into pregnancy or unbirthing - if you don't know what unbirthing is, drop me a line and I'd love to explain it to you - maybe you can become my little experiment sometime :)

Ciao for now all - enjoy your second life as I do!

Monday, 23 July 2007


The days passed quickly by and I devoted my online time to being with Alyssia. She seeemed a little on-offish all the time, she would be friendly one day and snappy and mean the next which I put down to her having all the stress of running so many clubs and shops. If only I had known exactly what she was like....
One day, she announced that she was tearing down the club in the sky and buying an island. I was shocked, but looked forward to the new venture. Just before she tore it down, I was shocked at what she asked :-
'Tara, I love you - will you marry me?'
I didn't know what to say! Of course it was what I wanted as I had grown very fond of Alyssia in the time I had known her, but I did have my reservations because of her temperament. I said yes and she said we would run the new club together as equals - both as wives - and we would build the best club/escort agency in SL. I was excited at the prospect and spent all my time online helping out, working on the club. I later got a message from Mistress Cari telling me to give my regards to Alyssia and to never contact her again - apparently she had seen my profile and realised I had gotten married so she was very angry and dropped me like a hot potato. One friend gone through Alyssia already. We got girls working for us and I was told that no wife of Alyssia's would work as an escort so I was forced to survive on her handouts of money, which she gave freely - her clubs and shops bringing in lots of Linden.
She bought me fine clothes, skins and shapes, made for me by her friends, Angel and Shakira.
Then the bombshell dropped.
I was in the club one night and a friend, Longman Shilova came in and I greeted him with a hug. Alyssia seemed very distant and talking later she said she wanted to see me in private.
'I saw you' she said 'With Longman, hugging him.'
'He's a friend - I was just greeting him' I replied.
'You don't love me, Tara' she said, 'Get out of my club and look for your divorce email'
Needless to say I was stunned. We had a long argument over her reasons for this and finally I got the message that I had been ejected from the club and banned from the land.
I got exactly what my friend got apart from me getting married to Alyssia - she never got that far.

I eventually got in touch with her and we talked about Alyssia at length. We both felt the same about what she had done to us, but she had gotten with her for other reasons which I will not go into here. We got on well together and it wasn't long before she gave me the Idea of becoming a Courtesan. I went out and bought some sexy clothes, hired land with a house and bed and got to work. I started earning $L1000 for bedding men for 1 hour at a time and things looked rosy, although it got to a point where the sex meant nothing - I only lived for the hunt. I enjoyed toying with men, playing with them and seeing if I could hook them into paying me money to have sex with them - I even learned to get a guy off through IM alone which saved me a lot of work :) Then it happened - me and my friend actually made love. I had never in my life (RL or SL) been made love to in that way before - It was AMAZING. She went on to teach me a little of the spiel to turn men on and how to speak to a lover in bed (After all, she was a Courtesan in RL too!) So I learned from one of the best. Thanks for all you did for me, girl :) I appreciate everything and we'll stay in touch as always :)

I was heartbroken with Alyssia to say the least. Time in SL didn't seem the same and I wandered about aimlessly wondering what I could do. No Cari, and not many friends were there to comfort me except Yak Wise. He was a kindly man and gave me a shoulder to cry on - thanks for that, Yak - I will never forget what you did for me at that sad point in my Second Life :)
At this point, I thought I'd have a talk with Chastity again, as I hadn't heard much from her since I married Alyssia - not many more people had spoken to me since then either, I wonder if it was because I didn't choose them? hmmm.....
I had applied to become a model and had done a photoshoot, so I asked Chastity to accompany me to see the photos in the studio.
When she arrived I noticed she looked stunning as always, She commented on how good I looked, but I won't give out the exact details of the conversation here, because some explicit words were used :)
'It looks like my little girl has grown up' she smiled. I then asked her about being her pet again and she agreed to take me on!
So here I was, free of Alyssia, a new modelling job on the horizon, money in my pocket and under Chastity's protective wing - things were starting to look up :)

Next time - Giving up the streets, New friends and family

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

New Horizons....

This is where my Second Life became really confusing...

Mistress Cari took me on as her slave and we both had fun together which eventually became more than just a Sub/Domme relationship. I visited the Frilly illy Farm stables to see about becoming a pony and was greeted by ButtonWright, the stable owner who along with Lexi Lock ran the farm itself. I was shown what tack I needed to become a ponygirl and was allocated a stall. The training was fun :) dressage, steeplechase (which i excelled at) and other things to name but a few were things I trained in. Mistress Cari became my trainer, but with her times online being a little different to mine and the language barrier being a problem, we started to drift a little....
Me as a PonyGirl with Miss Lexi - one of the trainers at the Frilly Filly Farm

Then on the offchance, Chastity DeCuir visited me while I was training - I asked her if she liked what I was doing and was promptly told no. She said that it was too demeaning for her and that I should enjoy myself and do what I wanted - she would not make me change. I appreciated that but told her I would give it up to be hers, to no avail. She said her farewells and left :(
We remained friends but didn't meet often which upset me at the time, but I now see that fate had a lot more in store for us....

During my time as a pony, I met a girl named Alyssia Daviau - she said she was a friend of Angel Continental who I had IM'd at the beginning of my second life asking for a job as an escort.
She teleported me to her location, where I met Angel and another friend, Shakira.
I was shown around the club she had set up and realised that her escorts were making L$1000 per hour! I thought 'I can do this' and accepted the job immediately, but that was not my primary concern - Alyssia was. I fell head over heels for her the minute I met her - and that's just an avatar!

Me and Alyssia - we dressed as twins and opened the 'Chikka Twins Nightclub'

(Alyssia is the girl at the back lol)

We soon both felt the same for each other and shut down that club - we moved to another in the sky and started building that instead. Whilst building this one, Alyssia introduced me to a girl who I cannot name for certain reasons with the message 'Go easy on her - she loves me.' much to my shock and disappointment. She was easy to get along with and we started talking - soon later, She got a tongue lashing from Alyssia for not coming to the club when Alyssia wanted her to. Apparently, Alyssia wasn't happy unless you were online for 18 hours out of the 24 a day has to offer!

I stood helpless as Alyssia kicked my new friend from the group, club and land and was shocked by her actions. I did not realise that this was the fate soon destined for me......

Tune in next time :)

Friday, 6 July 2007

My First Second Life Days

Me as I first looked in SL - my avatar needed
Lots of work....

What is Second Life? That is a very good question and one I will attempt to answer. The answer is quite a difficult one because of all the different things, lifestyles, jobs and lives available in SL so if I start to wander off subject a little, please let me know :)

SL is a game - yes a game, but lots of people including me find it increasingly difficult to keep Real Life and Second Life seperate. To find out more, visit, sign up with this link :-

Not forgetting to add my name as a referrer as this will earn me some in-game money to spend :) and come find me in game - I'm sure I can show you around here and you can meet lots of my interesting friends :)

I found that SL has a thriving BDSM community, and with me being who I am decided I wanted to know more, curious kitten that I am :) so I signed up for an account and logged in. First impressions were good - I arrived on an island in the middle of nowhere, represented by a grubby looking avatar in nightclub clothes , 'So much for the glamour' I thought and started on the tutorials. I learned I was in a place called orientation island where us nOObs spend our first gruelling time learning the ropes. I quickly got acquainted with the controls and decided I wanted more, so off I went in search of adventure!

In the first few days I met lots of interesting people, the first of whom was my now good friend in SL, Melody Platthy - I was looking for a job and teleported to a club where I found a girl dancing outside on a podium. I struck up a converstaion and jumped up on the podium next to her and the rest is history - we hit it off and my first friend was added to my contact list :)
We kept in touch, trying to find jobs between us and swapping notes on where the good dancing spots and possible jobs were located.

After this, I thought about searching out the BDSM community I heard so much about, so I teleported to Brandy's Landing and found something I had never encountered before - girls dressed as ponies and acting in the same manner! This intrigued me and I set about finding out more about them. During my enquiries, I ran into another girl who announced she was a pending member of the Latex Dolls. I enquired and found out that this group was heavily into latex bondage which was the kind of thing I was looking for so she handed me a notecard.
Then it hit me - you had to be at least 2 months old in SL to even be considered for membership :( and that was that out of the window - for now :)
Whilst exploring more of Brandy's Landing I ran into a rather interesting personality in the form of Chastity DeCuir, who is now after many months finally my mistress - more on Chastity later :). We talked about bondage and Sub/Domme relationships and I decided there and then that I had found a very honest, caring, trustworthy person in SL the likes of which I never had the pleasure of meeting in RL. We hit it off and I asked her to be my mistress. She politely declined at the time, saying she had her hands full already with the 'Pets' as she called them that she had at the time - I was saddened, but we added each other to our friends lists and kept in touch, occasionally meeting up to have a chat and a little explore.
Further exploration had me finding someone named Cari Swindlehurst, a mistress who was rather harsh at times but at the same time rather gentle - I know that seems a little bit of a contradiction in terms, but if you knew the BDSM scene, you'd understand. She was disciplining a girl called Muryella Laval who I still have contact with to this day and she invited me to watch.
I sat down by her and watched all she did to Muryella finding it much to my liking - 'OMG' I thought, 'I'm enjoying this so I must be into Voyeurism too!!' :s
To cut to the chase, Cari became my mistress and I spent quite a lot of time with her, the only trouble being that she came from Germany and the language barrier was hard to break.

Tune in next time when I relate all that happened in my first proper SL relationship! My break up with Mistress Cari and new jobs on the horizon....

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

My First Life explained.....

The sorting hat says that I belong in Hufflepuff!

Said Hufflepuff, "I'll teach the lot, and treat them just the same."

Hufflepuff students are friendly, fair-minded, modest, and hard-working. A well-known member was Cedric Digory, who represented Hogwarts in the most recent Triwizard Tournament.

Take the most scientific Harry Potter
ever created.

Get Sorted Now!

Me in my slave/pet silks - sat in a chair in my own home!

Hello to anyone interested enough in me to read this as I know that a lot of people don't bother.....

Here I will be writing about myself and my experiences in Second Life along with some of my trials, tribulations and maybe at some point even my jubilations! Let's see how long it takes me to get to them!

I Myself am not a normal everyday girl - no siree not me, I'm far from it! I don't like the normal life and whatever it brings - I'm adventurous, feisty and dyed my hair from blond to red just so my hair colour reflected my personality :)

I had a sad childhood that I won't go into too deeply as it pains me to talk about it, and the first few weeks of my Second Life also did not turn out too well until I met certain people that will be lovingly mentioned in a later entry. I was abused as a child and still bear the scars from that so that is probably the reason why I am so sexually adventurous....

I love sex, don't get me wrong, but I can hold off, honest! I am heavily into Sub/Domme and BDSM, and take whatever chance I can get in SL to indulge myself in those fantasies - I am a swinger in RL and enjoy what I do, so please don't judge me on that :(

I grew up and was emotionally scarred by what happened to me as a child, and my life thereafter was nothing but a series of disappointing loves and relationships.

Now about me, I'm slim, 5'6" tall and one of the most friendly redheads you can ever expect to meet both in RL and SL lol!

My job as a courier takes me over most of the UK and takes up a lot of my time, so I only get near my computer at night or on my days off which are few and far between....

Ok I've babbled enough now - I'm gonna sign off on this one and think about how I'm gonna write my Second Life life story on here - stay tuned folks as it gets VERY interesting :)